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What Happens at the Vineyard stays at the Vineyard

Kilcoy Wine Tasting Tours Make Sense

Wine Tasting Tours Kilcoy Wine Tasting ToursThe best type of outing is one with free alcohol and savings to be had by all, right? Well, that’s about the finest way to describe one of the Kilcoy Wine Tasting Tours available. The Kilcoy Wine Tasting Tours are known for their shared experience of fun, laughter and wine. When booking one of the Kilcoy Wine Tasting Tours, there is a winery that should be number one on your list, Woongooroo Estate Winery. They are a winery who invites you to taste and buy great wine. Don’t let the bottle shops charge you an arm and a leg for low-quality wine. Get the best wine you’ve tasted in a long time on your wine tour.

The Kilcoy Wine Tasting tours have included the Koongooroo Estate Winery in their tours as the highlight. They know that these types of winery visits are great for corporate and social events. You could hold a party, buck or hen day, family gathering (adults only) and social club meetup. It’s also great as an alternative, more inclusive corporate day. Instead of another golf day, why not Try one of the Kilcoy Wine Tasting Tours to change it up. Everyone will love being driven around whilst have a “taste” of wine.

A Little About Woongooroo Estate Winery

Koongooroo Estate Winery has become known as one of the best wineries in Australia as well as the region. Phil & Gail Close are the owners and are proud to share their passion for wine and the region on these wine tours. Woongooroo Estate Winery represents the intersection of Phil and Gail’s love of wine and taste. They love sharing their wines as well as their experience with others at their vineyard. Join thousands of other wine lovers that come through the cellar door and see what the fuss is all about.

Contact Woongooroo Estate Winery for details on how to book your very own Caboolture Wine Tasting tours.