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A Family Owned and Operated Kilcoy Winery

Kilcoy WineryThere are so many great things that are available on the road to and from Kilcoy. It’s also a road that exposes your senses to the amazing smells of the countryside. Hidden amongst the plains and hills is the Kilcoy Winery making a splash in the wine industry, Woongooroo Estate Winery. This vineyard was the first ever established in the Somerset Region. It has produced thousands of litres of wine over the past 20 years.

About The Owners

Wine and wine creation can be a personal experience. It’s the type of thing that requires a substantial amount passion. It’s a long process of growing, developing, blending, bottling and selling. If you don’t love the taste of wine/the special passion of the winemaking process then it’s not for you. Fortunately, for the public and residents of the Somerset Region, this Kilcoy winery is operated by passionate wine lovers, Phil and Gail Close.

Phil and Gail established this winery on a foundation of wine creation and the pleasure of tasting the final product. They are proud of their winery and their team. They are also proud that their wine is leaving in the hands of similarly passionate wine lovers too. After their famous “Cheese and Wine” tasting held every day at the cellar door, visitors are offered the wines at an amazing wholesale price. Phil and Gail just love their customers enjoying their wine as much as them.

Phil and Gail have had this winery open to the public since 1997. Their Kilcoy winery has become the most frequented winery on wine tours through the region. They know that being available for this kind of public offering of good wine has really set them apart from the rest.

For more information or to book them in for your next Winery Bus tour, contact Woongooroo Estate Winery and taste the difference.