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What Happens at the Vineyard stays at the Vineyard

Unique Morayfield Wine Tasting Tours

Morayfield Wine Tasting ToursThe experience of a winery tour, without the need to drive. What an amazing idea, right? These Morayfield Wine Tasting tours are ideal for social club’s, General Meetings, family gatherings, Christmas or holiday parties and just about anything else. If a corporate event is what you’re holding, a wine tour could be just the ticket.

A standout of local Morayfield wine tasting tours is that all the wines from this region taste incredible, especially the wines selection at Woongooroo Estate.

All made on site or in conjunction with other wineries in Australia, you are getting amazing flavours and bouquets. You are also getting exposed to wine that is better than any you could buy in a bottle shop all for cellar door prices. This means that not only are you having a fun experience, you are also saving heaps on your wine purchase and supporting a local business. WIN, WIN. Woongooroo Estate Winery quite often the final cellar door and tasting facility on local Morayfield Wine Tasting Tours.

A Little About Woongooroo Estate Winery

Phil & Gail Close own the Woongooroo Estate Winery. They operate their cellar door and vineyard operation on their breathtaking property and estate. Phil & Gail fell in love with the area which prompted them to combine their passion for wine with the land. They have worked on creating unique bouquets and flavours from this Southeast Queensland property. Using the region’s great soil and climate, they have achieved their goal and have opened the estate to the public. This is why they have become the featured vineyard on the Morayfield wine tasting tours route.

Woongooroo Estate Winery is able to comfortably serve 50 people for their wine tasting sessions. This means that your busload of people can comfortably try the exquisite wines from Woongooroo Estate together. Perfect for social clubs, parties and the like.

Contact Woongooroo Estate Winery for more details and to book one of your very own Morayfield wine tasting tours today.