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Somerset Region Winery – Best Kept Secret

Somerset Region WinerySo much history lies in the Somerset Region. A first for the region was the establishment of a Somerset Region Winery called Woongooroo Estate Winery. This winery is set in this picturesque region with rolling plains and hills. The vineyard stretches out for hundreds of metres. Every vine lovingly tended to by Phil and Gail Close, owners of the winery and cellar door operation. They have joined with Maleny and Kenilworth cheese to create a unique experience for wine lovers. They have a matched wine and cheese wine tasting opportunity for their guests. This is just another afternoon with the team at Woongooroo Estate Winery.

Wines And Cellar Door

Woongooroo Estate Winery makes the wine you taste on site. They also have the ability to sell you whatever wine you love. At Woongooroo Estate Winery you can pair your wine tasting with local cheese from Kenilworth and Maleny. The team know that tasting wine should never be done on an empty stomach. That’s why their individualised cheese platters were started. These cheese and wine combinations are sure to set off your tastebuds.

Woongooroo Estate Winery also assigns a staff member to you and your group. This means you get your own specialised attention from the wine experts themselves. They have painstakingly matched their wines with the cheese to give you the best-tasting experience with them. This also means that when you purchase one of their wines, you know what goes with which wine. You can create your next shopping list to match the wine you purchased.

Owners Phil and Gail Close have worked on, harvested and processed all the grapes on this property for over 20 years. They are more than happy to welcome newcomers to their winery or old friends.

Why not put Woongooroo Estate Winery as a stop on your next Somerset Valley Winery tour. Contact Woongooroo Estate Winery Today to get your spot booked and have a wine with them.