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20 Years Of Wine From Somerset Valley Winery

Somerset Valley WineryYou are looking over the Somerset Valley Winery surrounded by grape vines. You have a piece of cheese in one hand and a matched wine in the other. Then you’re instructed to consume them both before being hand another wine and cheese. This sounds like heaven for lovers of wine and cheese. This is just another afternoon with the team at Woongooroo Estate Winery.

Wines and Cellar Door

Woongooroo has amazing wines that complement cheese of all kinds. As everyone knows you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach, so Woongooroo have you covered. They have some superb tasting treats and cheese from The Maleny and Kenilworth Cheese factories. They are presented to you on your own platte. Woongooroo Estate Winery will also supply an expert from the winery to help you go through the tastings. This means you get to try cheese and matched wines on a beautiful vineyard whilst being looked after by a staff member. You will also have an opportunity at the end to buy your favourite wines. You’ll want to buy all of them.  

More About The Owners

Wine and wine creation take a very special passion. It’s a long process and can take years for the first crop to become wine. That’s why Phil and Gail Close are the passionate and proud owners of Woongooroo Estate Winery. Established as the first winery in the Somerset Region, Phil and Gail have created a family-owned and operated Winery, Vineyard and Cellar Door operation. They are still as passionate about their wines and sharing them with people as they were when they started. The winery has been in its current location since 1997. In this 20 years, thousands of bottles of wine have left this property in the hands of wine lovers. That’s a thing that Phil and Gail are very proud of.

For more information or to book them in for your next Winery Bus tour, contact Woongooroo Estate Winery and taste the difference.