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The Wine Tour Experience That You’ll Remember

Wine TourWith so much hustle and bustle in your daily life, sometimes it’s just great to take a break. If you are looking to have a day out with family and friends or organising your next company gathering, Woongooroo Estate Winery has the answer for you. They offer a half day or full day wine tour that takes you through the process and tastes of some of Australia’s best wines.

What does the wine tour include?

With every wine tour, you can always expect wine. Woongooroo Estate offers a wide variety of wine to try from their large array of blends. This wine tasting is conducted after you explore where they have come from. Every wine tour includes a walk around the vineyards. This is designed to entice the palate as well as inform you about Woongooroo Estate wine philosophy and process.

After the vineyard tour, you’ll be invited to taste the wines in the educational wine appreciation section of the day. This means you’ll try up to 6 of the Estate’s fine wines. You are getting to taste some of the best wine Australia has to offer whilst know more about them and how they’re made. You will also have the opportunity to be involved in thong and gumboot throwing competitions as well as a merry sing-along of some of Australia’s beloved songs. This is all to add more experience to your day.

About Woongooroo Estate Winery

The owner/operators of this magical winery are Phil and Gail Close. They are two very passionate lovers of wine and the country. Their wines have been grown, made and distributed from their home/vineyard set out in the plains of Mount Archer, Kilcoy. They have discovered that this is the best place to develop and ship their wine from.

For more information about the wine tour schedules or to book one in, contact Woongooroo Estate Winery today.