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Our Cellar Doors are Open

Wed – Sun | 9AM – 4PM

or by appointment outside these times

Woongooroo Estate Cellar Doors are closed
Christmas Day and Good Friday


 Price $

 Wine by the glass from…  $5.00
 Port by the glass  $3.00
 Wine by the bottle — Cellar door prices from…  $15.00
 Coopers Ultra Light Beer  $4.00
 Pot of Tea for 1  $2.50
 Pot of Tea for 2  $3.00
 Cappuccino or Flat White — Regular  $4.00
 Cappuccino or Flat White — Large  $4.50
 Hot Chocolate  $3.00
 Ice Coffee or Chocolate  $4.00
 Soft drinks — Cans  $2.50
 Soft drinks — Bottles  $3.00
 Spiders  $4.00
 Water — please help yourself  FREE

  Morning & Afternoon Teas

 Scones (one) with jam & cream  $2.50
 Scones (two) with jam & cream  $3.00
 Pikelets (three) with jam & cream  $2.50


 Available Wed – Sun  
 Cheese Platter for 1  $12.00
 Cheese Platter for 2  $22.00

 Mediterranean Platter for 1

 Two meats, bread, olive oil, olives, cheese, sundried tomato
 Mediterranean Platter for 2  $27.50

 Ploughman’s Lunch for 1

 Two meats, two cheeses, pickled onion, gherkin, Branston pickles, bread,
seasonal vegetables or fruit
 Ploughman’s Lunch for 2  $29.50

 Turkish Bread Pizza

 Turkish bread base, seasoned sauce, metwurst,  olives, sundried  tomatoes,
onion, cheese

 Gourmet Steak Sandwich

 Juicy Rib Fillet, fried onions, lettuce, tomato,  beetroot, pineapple,
cucumber, sauces, toasted Turkish bread


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 Gourmet Chicken Sandwich

 Chicken Fillet, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, pineapple, cucumber,
avocado, mayonnaise, toasted Turkish bread


 Booking Order


Prices and Ingredients / Fillings
are subject to change

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