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SPECIAL Tours & Tours

Commonwealth Games Fun

This Fun and Special Tour Runs From May 2016 – October 2017

Morning Tea

Four mixed Sandwiches
Mini Quiche
Bottomless tea/Coffee


Choose 1 option for your group 
Dessert also available at $5.00 pp extra

1. Two Cold Meats (chicken/ham) with Garden Fresh Salads, bottomless tea/coffee or

2. Gourmet Frittata with Garden Fresh Salads, bottomless tea/coffee or

3. Beef in Red Wine on a Bed of Rice with Steamed Greens, bottomless tea/coffee

1st Games session:

  • Ball Pass (timed team event)

  • Bean Bag toss into Hula Hoops (individual event)

  • Ping Pong Shot Put (individual event)

  • Straw Javelin (individual event)

  • Quoit Throwing (team event)

2nd Games session:

  • Egg and Spoon Race (team event)

  • Paper Plane making/throwing (individual event)

  • Bucket Basketball (individual event)

  • Paper Discus Throwing (individual event)

Other Optional Activities Include:

Olympic Bingo (done in teams), Guess the number of Jelly Beans in the Jar, Guess the weight of the Chocolate Bars, Wine tasting of the Estate’s fine wines, Singing some ‘stirring’ songs/Bush Poetry and Presentation of Awards after the competition/games.

Cost per Participant $29.50 (plus bus)

Minimum number of ‘athletes’ = 25 people
Events kick off at 10:00am / Finish 2.30pm – 3.00pm

Other things to know before booking…

“Enjoyed every minute” – Jane S. National Seniors